Your Partner in the Biogas Business

Welle Biogas Solutions is looking forward to partnering with Farm Owners, Project Originators, Development Professionals, Industry Leaders, and Visionary Co-Investors to maximize both environmental and economical attributes of organic waste management and biogas. Together, create a more sustainable world.  

Project Co-Development 

Biogas projects offer many opportunities for co-development, from customer identification and site control through feedstock supply agreements and sale of the energy and other value-add products. We are open to partnering on any aspect of the development process, including co-financing projects we would design, build and construct.

Engineering and Construction

While Welle has strong inhouse design engineering capabilities, we recognize that there may be projects where a local partner could add tremendous value. We are interested in working with highly qualified engineering and construction firms with experience in the biogas industry.


High-performance operations is crucial for the long-term success of biogas plants. If you are interested in an operations partnership, contact us.

Equity Partners

Capital funding of biogas plants is on the rise. If you are interested in funding or acquiring a turnkey biogas project built by Welle Biogas, please contact us.