Mixed Organics

The One-Stop Solution for Mixed-Source Organic Waste

Mixed organic waste can be especially challenging to manage because it requires deep understanding of the physical, chemical and biological natures of different types of organic waste, as well as proven process-technology expertise.

Welle Biogas offers decades of experience safely and efficiently operating mixed-source organic waste biogas plants. 

Among the many benefits of mixed organic waste biogas plants:

  • Reduced risks of feedstock contamination
  • Economies of scale
  • Balanced nutrients for more active and healthy microbes
  • Stable and efficient operations

Products from the Anaerobic Digestion of mixed-source organic waste:

  • Animal Feed
  • Animal Bedding
  • Liquid Fertilizer
  • Solid Fertilizer
  • Renewable natural gas
  • Bio-methane for vehicle-grade biofuels

Through combined heat and power (CHP) plants, biogas from mixed-source waste can also produce clean electricity for onsite use or export to the grid.