biogas tanks

Farming Biogas: Key Benefits for the Agriculture Industry

Farmers today face unrelenting economic pressures. Biogas systems present an attractive revenue opportunity that diversifies farm income and provides important benefits to the local community.  

Using highly efficient and well proven process, Welle Biogas offers farmers the ability to convert livestock manure and other agricultural waste into renewable energy and value-added byproducts such as fertilizer and animal bedding. In the process, farmers can improve their soil, protect water, and enjoy critical energy independence.

“While manure has always traditionally been a resource on the farm as a fertilizer, alternative products can be produced creating new income generating opportunities. Maximizing the value of manure increases farmers’ resiliency to the uncertainty of commodity product markets.”


Biogas process

Turning an Agricultural Liability into an Asset

Biogas from manure is composed of as much as 65% methane – which is harmful to the environment if left untreated but useful in the production of renewable natural gas (RNG). Methane is the primary ingredient of RNG and can be processed into compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicle use, or further processed to produce clean electricity.

Biogas systems are a win-win for the agriculture industry — removing harmful waste, improving the environment, and providing a valuable source of revenue.