Why welle?

We’re optimistic about a brighter future.
Because we’re working to create it.

Welle Biogas Solutions brings 30 years of global experience developing and building highly innovative waste management facilities to the North American market. Using our patented technologies and deep process-engineering expertise, our customers manage organic waste more efficiently while generating more revenue, greatly reducing carbon emissions and creating a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Welle Biogas Solutions is a division of Welle Environmental Group, a global leader in energy and environmental services. Biogas plants have been in operation for several decades in Europe and Asia, and Welle has been an instrumental part of this growth – with now more than 200 operating plants in 15 countries and regions around the world.

In 2020, Welle established its North American headquarters in Boston. With key equipment manufacturing, project development, investment, engineering, construction and operations, Welle is committed to exponential growth of the biogas market in the United States and Canada.

Your Partner in the Biogas Business

Welle Biogas Solutions is looking forward to partnering with Farm Owners, Project Originators, Development Professionals, Industry Leaders, and Visionary Co-Investors to maximize both environmental and economical attributes of organic waste management and biogas. Together, create a more sustainable world.

World Biogas Association
American Biogas Council
Canadian Biogas Association